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Nikita van de Leeuwerk wins 2* GP

March 25, 2024

2020 Graduate Nikita van de Leeuwerk (v. Zavall) won the 2* Grand Prix at Wellington International with Nick Galligan this weekend! 

Ivory TCS placed 9th with Nayel Nassar in the 1.55m 4* class also at Wellington International. This combination is relatively new, previously Ivory had booked many results together with Daniel Coyle including numerous Grand Prix wins! Ivory was also sold in the 2020 auction. 

VDL Jasper placed 2nd in the $50,000 National 1.45m Grand Prix from Ocala with rider Daniel Coyle. Coyle is in outstanding form picking up wins and placings too often to keep count of, a compliment to him, his horses and the whole team including owners! Jasper is a reference from the 2019 auction. 

Graduate from this years auction, Martini VDL has found his way quickly, already placing 3rd in the 7 year old young jumper class in Ocala with rider Kady Abrahamson. 

Congratulations to all involved!